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About Us Briefly

Welcome! At AVANOSS Restaurant, which serves with our open buffet concept for lunch, delicious meals and a wide choice await you.

Our open buffet menu appeals to different tastes with its rich options. We offer many options from traditional dishes to healthy options, from rich salad varieties to different dessert alternatives. The dishes on our menu are prepared with the freshest ingredients and impress with their delicious presentation.

In our open buffet concept, you take the meals on your plates according to your wishes. In this way, you can eat the amount of food you want and at the same time you can customize your meal as you want. Also, if you have limited time for lunch, you can get your meals quickly thanks to our fast service.

At AVANOSS Restaurant, we prepare our meals with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. In addition, we use sustainable resources by working in an environmentally and environmentally sensitive manner. Thus, while serving healthy and delicious meals, we also care about being sensitive to the environment.

As a result, AVANOSS Restaurant offers delicious food with open buffet concept for lunch. We will be happy to welcome you with a wide choice of dishes, fresh ingredients and our environmentally friendly approach.

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