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Tomato Soup with Milk Recipe

Ingredients for Milk Tomato Soup Recipe

2 tablespoons of oil

1 tablespoon of butter

2 heaping tablespoons of flour

1 tablespoon of tomato paste

5 tomatoes

4 glasses of water

half a glass of milk

1 teaspoon of salt

For making tomato soup

,First, the tomatoes are grated. Then, butter and oil are put in the pan, the butter is melted.

After the butter melts, flour is added and roasted a little.

After the smell of flour is gone, tomato paste is added and roasted with a little stir.

Add grated tomatoes. Roast for another 3-4 minutes.

Add 4 glasses of water, whisk, and let it cook on low heat. If you wish, at this stage or before serving, you can pass the soup through the blender to get a smooth consistency.

Add salt and milk and mix. You can adjust the amount of salt according to your own taste.

The soup that is ready is taken from the stove and divided into bowls. If desired, grated cheddar cheese and black pepper can be sprinkled on it.

Our delicious milk tomato soup recipe is ready to serve. Good luck to those who will try.

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